2014 Metro League – Round 12

Dragon Match Report courtesy of Chis. One day I’ll get to see one of their games. Picture courtesy of Matt.

First game for the Dragons was up against the Raptorsinform Raiders. A team that dominated B grade last year and have brought their good form with them into 2014. The Dragons were given a bit of a lesson in disciplined fielding and strong batting from the up and coming Eastern Raiders. We didn’t play THAT badly, but our inability to penetrate the in-field and get runners on base really made the game out of reach from the very beginning. There were some positives with fantastically aggressive fielding from our outfield, hitting their cut-offs, and making it possible for Billie to rocket the ball in to home plate to get a number of outs that would have otherwise added to the raiders already painfully large run tally. Billie also hit a spectacular home run in the second innings, but because we failed to score any more until our final innings (when we got four home), we were mercy ruled by the youngsters 15-5. Looking back on the game, you can’t help but wonder what the result could have been had we scored some early runs, because their defence did start to show some cracks in the final innings as we got players on base. Let’s chalk it up as a learning experience, and at least be satisfied that Dave now has a few more things to work on with us a training. Raiders 15 def Dragons 5

While that was all going down the Raptors got off to a flying start against the Red Devils scoring several runs early on and keeping the Devils quiet. Some excellent fielding and good batting gave the Raptors a 4 run lead into the 4th innings and it looked like were in with a chance of winning the game. Red Devils, and in particular their young pitcher, had other ideas and she slammed a hit deep into the outfield and managed to bring home 3 runs that tied the game. Unfortunately the play at home resulted in Alicia landing awkwardly on her ankle and being unable to take further part in the game. Ash suited up to take the position behind the plate and the game was called soon after. The Raptors played exceptionally well and they can all be proud of their efforts on Sunday. Raptors 8 drew Red Devils 8

Still licking their wounds from the previous match, the Dragons faced Wingers Red for their second game of the day. Quite clearly the match report writer wasn’t paying much attention to the game because she can’t remember what happened except for the part where we levelled the score in the final innings only to have time called, and the match levelling runs made invalid. SAD FACE. Chelsea pitched really well again, and there were some great plays in the in-field and even a double play following a brilliant catch by Billie at short. We had some strong hits and good base running making us much more competitive than the previous match. Thanks to those who filled in. Margaux did a great job catching despite having copped a ball to the head in her previous match, and Bushy hit some absolute corkers that must have scared the Wingers’ in-field, and took a great catch in the outfield to boot. Highlight of the match? Karen’s amazing piece of fielding at second. What a stop! Wingers Red 6 defeated Dragons 4. Not a good day for the Dragons, but they’ll bounce back with vengeance next week.

The Angels had possibly the most predictable of games; coming up against the so far unbeaten Panthers, but they did not let that deter them. They were competitive early on, making some good saves in the field and getting runs on the board. Jess as usual was a rock in the outfield. The Panthers hit their straps in the third and managed to get quite a few runs over the plate before running out eventual winners. Panthers 14 def Angels 3

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