2014 Metro League – Round 13

Thanks to Margaux, Molly & Chis for their respective match reports, It means I don’t have to make stuff up for the second week running. Yay team.

r13pngIt was a last minute start to the match for two Raptors players ( Editors note: someone needs to stop canoodling in tents and pay more attention to google maps…) but that didn’t stop the team fighting the Wingers hard for their runs. There was some good infielding against some hard-hitting Wingers, especially from Tuyet at second base, who seemed to have a lot of balls flying at her. And some excellent K2s from Jell meant that the Raptors were not so easily defeated on defense. They were hard at the bats, too! Getting some great hits in and ultimately coming up to a draw against the Wingers Red team. Raptors 7 drew Wingers Red

Raptors lost their 2nd game of the day. That’s it.For more details, here we go. Jell pitched well after already pitching for the first game and then Jodie tried to do her best but the strike zone was difficult to target for her. Ash caught both games and did well despite being tired by the end of the second game. On 1B, Jell and Chelsea caught the ball well, but I need to zoom on the NICE catch made by Chelsea, fast ball quickly caught in her glove. Then on 2B, nice performance of T (Tuyet). She made a double play and protected her zone well. At SS, nothing to say, boring game’s zone and useless player. (Editors note: Margaux is being modest as always) On 3B, Sarah, alias Strong Arm, caught the balls she needed to catch and sent it quickly to the 1B’s glove to made easy outs. In the outflied, Laney, Elsie, Jodie, Rachel and an English girl (I think her name is Julia) protected their zone even if unfortunately some balls were sent over their heads and not caught in time to made easy outs or to stop the runner.

For the batting, I saw some good hits, the team gets better on this side. But on the other side, not enough steals made.

Now the Raptors have to win all the games on the following weeks to make the French happy. And they can do it ! The player of the game for me is T. Warriors 16 def Raptors 3

The Angels chalked up another great win against the red devils this week. For the first time in a while the Red Devils were at full strength and looked dangerous early but tight fielding and smart and patient batting put the Angels in control of the game. There was plenty of opportunity to join Chisholm singing the hokey pokey with at least two k2s coming from our fearless leader, but unfortunately the Angels just don’t seem to have it in them. Highlights include winning and Danika’s 3 out innings. And not a highlight or a lowlight but notable was when Megan thought she was playing rugby… great win Angels! Angels 9 def Red Devils 5

Last but not least I finally got to see a Dragon’s game since the teams were rejigged way back in May. I think the last time I saw Sarah pitch I was standing in left field trying not to die from hypothermia so it was nice to be able to watch it from a bit closer up. There was some initial confusion as apparently Dave threw a cat among the pigeons by opting to switch up the top four, but the girls managed to sort themselves out in time putting on early runs and some great hits, including a 2 base hit from Chelsea that was perfectly placed into centre field. Tight fielding and pitching (which included 5 K2’s.) saw Monash only scoring in two of their innings and let the Dragons open up a healthy lead, Chis got a lot of ball action this week with four plays at first as well as a fly that she managed to snag. Dragons 13 def Monash 5



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