2014 Metro League – Round 15


Only two games for the day as a Dragons V Angels grudge match meant we could all be in the same place at the same time for a change.

First up however were the Raptors who managed to win their first game since Round 10, and what a win it was. Taking out the honours against second placed team Eastern Raiders. They looked like they might throw it away after 4, but put two runs on in the 5th and managed to get a quick 1,2,3 for only the one run giving them a 7-5 victory. New kid on the block Amanda had a great day from the plate with 5K2’s while Jell had a blinder at first being involved in every out (bar two infield flys)  that wasn’t one of the aforementioned K2’s. Laney showed everyone how to almost catch a ball without a glove. Unfortunately for her it didn’t quite work and she watched the last innings from the bench clutching an ice pack. No broken bones, but plenty of bruising. I get the feeling that next time she’ll use her glove…or move.

Angels took on the Dragons and never quite got into a rhythm and took them 3 innings before they got runs on the board. It wasn’t a high scoring game but the Dragons managed to move it around better. Three runs coming in courtesy of several great hits to right field by Rachel was one of the factors in the Dragons taking the points 8-3. The Angels need to work on getting the ball past the infield as most of their outs came courtesy  of throws to first.

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