2014 Metro League – Round 16

After 15 weeks out with injury it was nice to be able to pull on the cleats and hit the diamond, even if the weather was a tad cold. Was almost wishing I was sitting on the bench with my hoodie and blanket firmly wrapped around me as I have for most of the season so far.

20140824_131113Dave managed to ruin my return, making it all about him by getting ejected from the game in a bizarre turn of events. The Dragons proved what a tight unit they have become over the season however, by shaking it off  and cruising to what turned out to be a hale victory in the end. The win against Wingers confirmed their spot at the top of the A Res division. Highlights included a  bunt that turned into a 3 base hit courtesy of Chelsea and a great hit from Kate that netted two RBIs. Final score Dragons 7 def Wingers 3 (Can’t recall if it was Red or Blue to be honest)

I don’t know who scored, but damn they made a mess of the scorebook. Pencils only from now on for the newbies 😉

Second game of the day was Angels v Raptors, the outcome of which would decide who out of 20140824_161025the Angels and Dragons would take third spot on the ladder. The Angels skipped out to an early lead and were a comfortable 4 runs ahead in the 5th. The Raptors however stormed back putting on 5 runs and shutting out the Angels with no score to give them a lead heading into the final innings. Ring in Chisholm scored the tying run late into the 6th to end the game at 6 all.




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