2014 Metro League – Round 9

With thanks to Molly and Chis for the match reports this week, and thanks to Matt for the picture.

Sunday saw a return to form for the Dragons, against an admittedly undermanned Red Devils Team. Chelsea did a fantastic job pitching the majority of the game again, and was well backed up in the field with some great displays of team work from all involved. We had to be tight in the field and hit our targets against some very talented big hitters, and we did. The runners were always under pressure, and it started to show with some silly mistakes in their desperation to score runs. Elsie was wonderful behind the plate and involved in some vital outs. As if that wasn’t enough, she also hit the biggest smash of the match and sent two runners home. It was an easy win in the end, and a great game to be involved in. Let’s hope we can keep up the good work for the remainder of the season.  Dragons 12 def Red Devils 4

The Angels got off to a shaky start against the Warriors when no one managed to get on base in the first innings. Fortunately we didn’t let them do any damage with the bat though, and in the second innings we went through the entire line up without a single out. The damage was done, and the scene set for a convincing win. The warriors could have come back at us if it wasn’t for some great work in the field. A special mention needs to go to Billie who stopped a couple of absolute blinders at short (even if she did fumble one for so long that Chis nearly stole the ball from her hand…). Brina also showed some great skill and determination in the field which resulted in some vital outs that looked to be out of reach. Great win Angels! Keep up the good work!  Angels 11 def Warriors 4

After a first innings for the Raptors that saw them down 6 runs to the Panthers, they came clawing back with some very good hitting and managed to get within 1 run of the ladder leaders. The hitting from the Raptors was very good through the rest of the game, in fact. But, ultimately the Panthers proved to be too much for them. A few errors and a couple of base-running mishaps meant that the Raptors eventually went down 11-6, but it was a well-fought effort from everyone!

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