2017 Award Winners

A Grade: Angels
MVP – Laura Kirkwood
MVP Runner Up – Chelsea Owen-Smith
Leadership Award – Molly Hoak

A Reserve Grade: Raptors 
MVP – Jell Radford
MVP Runner Up – Jayne Perry
Most Improved – Julia Knight

B Grade: Dragons
MVP – Esther Cowen
MVP Runner Up – Renee Mahne
Most Improved – Tayla Fordham

B Grade: Wolves
MVP –  Stella Heffernan
MVP Runner Up –  Ina Carillo
Most Improved – Isabella Bortolotto

2016 Australian University Games
MVP – Rebecca Schaefer
MVP Runner Up – Emma Collard

MUSC Service Award – Molly Hoak, Maddi Lam, Jessica Lew, Jell Radford, Claire Straw

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