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2014 Season Wrap Up

As we pack up the kits for yet another year we leave you with some thoughts from our coaches/team manager
Raptors – Jell

DSC_0110After a disrupted start to the season with teams being split up and re-distributed, the Raptors battled hard for much of the season with little result on the wins board. That being said, there was much growth and improvement from many within the team.
This improvement saw the Raptors become much more competitive towards the end of the season, and only marginally missing out on a Grand Final appearance.Margaux starred at Short Stop (and was happy to jump in to catch when Alicia was injured), taking out the Raptors MVP award as a result.
Tuyet became a pivotal member of the infield when she moved into 2nd Base in Laney’s absence, her game smarts and willingness to cover bases was particularly noticed. Alicia was rock solid at Catcher and has taken another giant step in her development.
Our experienced core of Amy, Laney and Danielle didn’t disappoint in providing stability and leadership on the diamond (and off it for a large part, in Danielle’s case). Ash was a real surprise packet in her first season at the club, holding down the fort in Centre Outfield and helping out with Catching, she never let the team down.
Valerie really improved in her batting to be one of our more consistent players this season, and entertained with some new tricks, including a chest mark in Left Outfield. Jodie was solid wherever we threw her, infield, outfield, pitcher, you name it, Jodie gave 100%. I fully expect Jodie to take yet another step up in her game in 2015.
Karen was another one of our versatile and experienced players. Always happy to play wherever was required on the day and always giving us a top notch effort.


Bec was also committed to any position she was thrown into, providing support in the infield and outfield and was vocal in supporting the team.
Rachel joined us late in the season, but became a real asset with the bat in hand. Looking forward to seeing a few more spectacular hits from her next season.
I really want to thank all of the Raptors for their commitment and effort in 2014. At times it hasn’t been easy, but everyone stood strong and gave it their all. I hope to see all of you back in 2015 (minus the ranga who’s ditching us for Perth), as I’m quite confident that we will be a force to be reckoned with.


Angels – Molly

AngelsIt’s been a bit of a challenging season for MUSC this year, but I’m very, very happy with the way we have all come together as teams and as a club. When we mixed everyone up near the beginning of the season we knew that it would make for some uneven teams and that we would be relying on some of our more advanced players a little more than we usually would. But every single person, advanced or no, got behind the mix-up for the good of the club and I am so happy with how we embraced it. And the Dragons even won their Grand Final! I would like to just mention some particular thank yous.



Thank you to the MUSC committee for supporting me as Head Coach this year and getting everything done. Seriously, even if we argue about socks, we get everything done and I couldn’t have done this whole coaching thing without any of you.
Thank you to Kira (and sometimes Khay from afar), for supporting me in coaching, especially at the beginning of the season. I was nervous and had big shoes to fill so, that support was really, really important.
Thank you more than I can even express to Jell and Dave. Having not to worry too much about the Raptors and Dragons was really important to the development of all of the teams. They always were there with good suggestions and sometimes taking over trainings when I couldn’t be there (they were probably more organised, too).
And lastly, thank you to the Angels. Seriously, we were pretty scrappy in the beginning, but we came together so well as a team and I am so very, very proud with how every single person has improved. You were also the most consistently attending team this year. Nearly everyone came to training and I could always rely on having 9 of you on the diamond on Sundays. You’re all just fantastic.
I really hope that, despite the challenges, everyone had a great season this year. I hope to see you all back for what promises to be an excellent season next year!
Dragons – Dave

Dragons2014What a season it was!
Right from the moment we dragons regrouped I knew I had a great foundation to build a winning team.
With each players willingness to learn, determination to improve and respect, we built a relentless attitude which in reward won us the gold.



As a new coach coming into the fold I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of athletes to work with so thank you.
I would like to end with this
“Remember the Dragons, your team mates your friends, through ups and downs overcame barriers together to create unforgettable memories”
Thank you and well done
Uni Games – Erin
10649722_696999223717274_906981288673300762_nAustralian University Games (or AUG as it’s known) was held in Sydney this year over the Semester 2 mid-sem break. This was MUSC’s 3rd year in a row sending a team to compete for the coveted unigames gold. The competition was bigger than ever this year with 10 teams taking the softball diamond. The grounds were superb with the girls getting to play on the 2000 Sydney Olympic softball grounds. A highlight of this was getting to play a couple of games on a field with a proper underground dugout!
This year also saw the return of our famous support crew (Suzie, Penny and Hunter) who provided us with incredible amounts of tasty food before, during and after games as well as a huge cheer squad. Suzie ensured we had decorations in the dugout and proper pom poms to cheer with! Hunter also put the girls through their paces during warm up ensuring that we completed a run around the diamond before starting each warm up session. Penny also helped out with scoring which meant our scorebook was very colourful!
Whilst the team came in 6th overall (we were robbed of some particularly good outs which meant some games which should have gone our way didn’t…silly baby umpire…) but were by far the best sportswomen on the field. Particular mention goes to Jess Lew for being an incredible asset to the team managing to pitch a game closer as well as fielding like a champ and batting like one too. Alicia behind the plate meant no runners got past her on her watch (or stare for that matter either). Molly’s pitching meant MUSC gave each of the more experienced teams a run for their money with way too many K2s to count across the tournament. Finally, thank you to our returning coach Khay who made the trek from Switzerland just for the tournament (and a holiday, but that’s not as important…). Her coaching on the field was greatly appreciated as she always managed to motivate and make us smile, even when we were sore and tired.
Off field the team rookies also managed to supply plenty of entertainment, with special mention going to Cindy for making the rookiest rookie outfit actually look good, Shanks for well…being Shanks, and Kathy for being a bit of a surprise contender in the nightly selfie competition. Oh, and Maddi, for protecting her Kinder surprise egg so well throughout the entire tournament.
Whilst this was my 3rd and final AUG, I hope that the tradition continues to live on and MUSC bring home gold again like we did in 2012. I have been very privileged to have played (and partied) alongside some incredible athletes over the last 3 years and AUG memories will be ones I will remember for many years to come. For those that are contemplating going, just do it. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And there are plenty of other girls who would say the same I imagine. I expect to hear crazy stories from the veterans next year! Here’s to Gold Coast 2015, when MUSC regain the title of Softball Champions! (And I’ll see you all in Perth for 2016 AUG!)

Just a general thank you from me to everyone who helped make getting three teams on the diamond every Sunday just that little bit easier. A lot of behind the scenes work goes into ensuring we have enough players each week and prompt replies to your teamer requests as well as letting us know when you were not going to be available with plenty of notice went a long way to ensuring we weren’t totally scrambling around match day in a mad panic trying to find fill ins. ~ danielle

All of us on the committee look forward to seeing you back on the diamond in 2015.

2014 Metro League Finals Wrap Up

Dragons2014September was a busy month on and off the diamond so our apologies for not ensuring there were weekly match reports done once the finals started.

I’m sure everyone has found out the results by now but just in case you haven’t, here’s how the pointy end of the season went down

Week 1

  • A Grade:  Angels had the week off
  • A Res Grade: Dragons had a strong 9-1 win over Wingers Blue to book themselves a Grand Final berth
  • B Grade: Raptors lost to Wingers Red in a great (and tight) game 9-10

Week 2

  • A Grade:  Angels fought it out against Eastern Raiders for a Grand Final spot but couldn’t overcome the strong hitting of the young Raiders going down 3-24
  • A Res Grade: Having secured their place the previous week the Dragons had the week off to plan their assault
  • B Grade: Another close game for the Raptors going down 9-13 to the more experienced Warriors

Grand Final

The Dragons continued their good form and managed to hold a lead against a strong comeback from the Red Devils taking the game out 7-6

10409452_10203441091000880_8860553559282441921_nGrand Final day also saw club veterans Erin Lane and Khay Fong awarded Melbourne Softball Association Service Awards for their service to softball at Fawkner Park.

In non softball related news, Kira, Aaron and Archer welcomed their latest addition the evening before the Grand Final, a healthy baby boy they’ve named Atticus. We expect we’ll be seeing him in the park next season once Kira gets herself ready to suit up behind the plate once more.

Congratulations to everyone on a great season.



2014 Metro League – Round 16

After 15 weeks out with injury it was nice to be able to pull on the cleats and hit the diamond, even if the weather was a tad cold. Was almost wishing I was sitting on the bench with my hoodie and blanket firmly wrapped around me as I have for most of the season so far.

20140824_131113Dave managed to ruin my return, making it all about him by getting ejected from the game in a bizarre turn of events. The Dragons proved what a tight unit they have become over the season however, by shaking it off  and cruising to what turned out to be a hale victory in the end. The win against Wingers confirmed their spot at the top of the A Res division. Highlights included a  bunt that turned into a 3 base hit courtesy of Chelsea and a great hit from Kate that netted two RBIs. Final score Dragons 7 def Wingers 3 (Can’t recall if it was Red or Blue to be honest)

I don’t know who scored, but damn they made a mess of the scorebook. Pencils only from now on for the newbies 😉

Second game of the day was Angels v Raptors, the outcome of which would decide who out of 20140824_161025the Angels and Dragons would take third spot on the ladder. The Angels skipped out to an early lead and were a comfortable 4 runs ahead in the 5th. The Raptors however stormed back putting on 5 runs and shutting out the Angels with no score to give them a lead heading into the final innings. Ring in Chisholm scored the tying run late into the 6th to end the game at 6 all.




2014 Metro League – Round 15


Only two games for the day as a Dragons V Angels grudge match meant we could all be in the same place at the same time for a change.

First up however were the Raptors who managed to win their first game since Round 10, and what a win it was. Taking out the honours against second placed team Eastern Raiders. They looked like they might throw it away after 4, but put two runs on in the 5th and managed to get a quick 1,2,3 for only the one run giving them a 7-5 victory. New kid on the block Amanda had a great day from the plate with 5K2’s while Jell had a blinder at first being involved in every out (bar two infield flys)  that wasn’t one of the aforementioned K2’s. Laney showed everyone how to almost catch a ball without a glove. Unfortunately for her it didn’t quite work and she watched the last innings from the bench clutching an ice pack. No broken bones, but plenty of bruising. I get the feeling that next time she’ll use her glove…or move.

Angels took on the Dragons and never quite got into a rhythm and took them 3 innings before they got runs on the board. It wasn’t a high scoring game but the Dragons managed to move it around better. Three runs coming in courtesy of several great hits to right field by Rachel was one of the factors in the Dragons taking the points 8-3. The Angels need to work on getting the ball past the infield as most of their outs came courtesy  of throws to first.

2014 Metro League – Round 14

20140810_141011This is a post holder until I and the rest of my motley crew (I so wanted to type Crue but decided that would age me far too much) get off their butts and get match reports in.

Wasn’t a good day at the office for the Dragons as they got given a lesson in how to play softball by the Panthers who won 22-0 in four innings. Possibly the less said about that game the better.

The Angels took on Monash and won a tight game 10-6.                                                                        6 runs scored in the 4th securing them the win.

Raptors took on Wingers Blue and managed to scratch out a 5-5 draw.



2014 Metro League – Round 13

Thanks to Margaux, Molly & Chis for their respective match reports, It means I don’t have to make stuff up for the second week running. Yay team.

r13pngIt was a last minute start to the match for two Raptors players ( Editors note: someone needs to stop canoodling in tents and pay more attention to google maps…) but that didn’t stop the team fighting the Wingers hard for their runs. There was some good infielding against some hard-hitting Wingers, especially from Tuyet at second base, who seemed to have a lot of balls flying at her. And some excellent K2s from Jell meant that the Raptors were not so easily defeated on defense. They were hard at the bats, too! Getting some great hits in and ultimately coming up to a draw against the Wingers Red team. Raptors 7 drew Wingers Red

Raptors lost their 2nd game of the day. That’s it.For more details, here we go. Jell pitched well after already pitching for the first game and then Jodie tried to do her best but the strike zone was difficult to target for her. Ash caught both games and did well despite being tired by the end of the second game. On 1B, Jell and Chelsea caught the ball well, but I need to zoom on the NICE catch made by Chelsea, fast ball quickly caught in her glove. Then on 2B, nice performance of T (Tuyet). She made a double play and protected her zone well. At SS, nothing to say, boring game’s zone and useless player. (Editors note: Margaux is being modest as always) On 3B, Sarah, alias Strong Arm, caught the balls she needed to catch and sent it quickly to the 1B’s glove to made easy outs. In the outflied, Laney, Elsie, Jodie, Rachel and an English girl (I think her name is Julia) protected their zone even if unfortunately some balls were sent over their heads and not caught in time to made easy outs or to stop the runner.

For the batting, I saw some good hits, the team gets better on this side. But on the other side, not enough steals made.

Now the Raptors have to win all the games on the following weeks to make the French happy. And they can do it ! The player of the game for me is T. Warriors 16 def Raptors 3

The Angels chalked up another great win against the red devils this week. For the first time in a while the Red Devils were at full strength and looked dangerous early but tight fielding and smart and patient batting put the Angels in control of the game. There was plenty of opportunity to join Chisholm singing the hokey pokey with at least two k2s coming from our fearless leader, but unfortunately the Angels just don’t seem to have it in them. Highlights include winning and Danika’s 3 out innings. And not a highlight or a lowlight but notable was when Megan thought she was playing rugby… great win Angels! Angels 9 def Red Devils 5

Last but not least I finally got to see a Dragon’s game since the teams were rejigged way back in May. I think the last time I saw Sarah pitch I was standing in left field trying not to die from hypothermia so it was nice to be able to watch it from a bit closer up. There was some initial confusion as apparently Dave threw a cat among the pigeons by opting to switch up the top four, but the girls managed to sort themselves out in time putting on early runs and some great hits, including a 2 base hit from Chelsea that was perfectly placed into centre field. Tight fielding and pitching (which included 5 K2’s.) saw Monash only scoring in two of their innings and let the Dragons open up a healthy lead, Chis got a lot of ball action this week with four plays at first as well as a fly that she managed to snag. Dragons 13 def Monash 5



2014 Metro League – Round 12

Dragon Match Report courtesy of Chis. One day I’ll get to see one of their games. Picture courtesy of Matt.

First game for the Dragons was up against the Raptorsinform Raiders. A team that dominated B grade last year and have brought their good form with them into 2014. The Dragons were given a bit of a lesson in disciplined fielding and strong batting from the up and coming Eastern Raiders. We didn’t play THAT badly, but our inability to penetrate the in-field and get runners on base really made the game out of reach from the very beginning. There were some positives with fantastically aggressive fielding from our outfield, hitting their cut-offs, and making it possible for Billie to rocket the ball in to home plate to get a number of outs that would have otherwise added to the raiders already painfully large run tally. Billie also hit a spectacular home run in the second innings, but because we failed to score any more until our final innings (when we got four home), we were mercy ruled by the youngsters 15-5. Looking back on the game, you can’t help but wonder what the result could have been had we scored some early runs, because their defence did start to show some cracks in the final innings as we got players on base. Let’s chalk it up as a learning experience, and at least be satisfied that Dave now has a few more things to work on with us a training. Raiders 15 def Dragons 5

While that was all going down the Raptors got off to a flying start against the Red Devils scoring several runs early on and keeping the Devils quiet. Some excellent fielding and good batting gave the Raptors a 4 run lead into the 4th innings and it looked like were in with a chance of winning the game. Red Devils, and in particular their young pitcher, had other ideas and she slammed a hit deep into the outfield and managed to bring home 3 runs that tied the game. Unfortunately the play at home resulted in Alicia landing awkwardly on her ankle and being unable to take further part in the game. Ash suited up to take the position behind the plate and the game was called soon after. The Raptors played exceptionally well and they can all be proud of their efforts on Sunday. Raptors 8 drew Red Devils 8

Still licking their wounds from the previous match, the Dragons faced Wingers Red for their second game of the day. Quite clearly the match report writer wasn’t paying much attention to the game because she can’t remember what happened except for the part where we levelled the score in the final innings only to have time called, and the match levelling runs made invalid. SAD FACE. Chelsea pitched really well again, and there were some great plays in the in-field and even a double play following a brilliant catch by Billie at short. We had some strong hits and good base running making us much more competitive than the previous match. Thanks to those who filled in. Margaux did a great job catching despite having copped a ball to the head in her previous match, and Bushy hit some absolute corkers that must have scared the Wingers’ in-field, and took a great catch in the outfield to boot. Highlight of the match? Karen’s amazing piece of fielding at second. What a stop! Wingers Red 6 defeated Dragons 4. Not a good day for the Dragons, but they’ll bounce back with vengeance next week.

The Angels had possibly the most predictable of games; coming up against the so far unbeaten Panthers, but they did not let that deter them. They were competitive early on, making some good saves in the field and getting runs on the board. Jess as usual was a rock in the outfield. The Panthers hit their straps in the third and managed to get quite a few runs over the plate before running out eventual winners. Panthers 14 def Angels 3

2014 Metro League – Round 11

AngelsAll three teams were scheduled for a early game this week, fortunately the Dragons and the Raptors played each other, or not so fortunately for the Raptors as the score ultimately ended up very unflattering. The Raptors have been beset by injuries and player unavailability for most of the season and have yet not managed to jell (see what I did there? and I wasn’t even trying!). Hopefully the last few weeks of the season will see them pull together and get a few more wins on the board. The Dragons continued their strong run up the ladder, determined to knock the Angels from their perch.  Dragons convincing winners over Raptors 20-0

The Angels took on Wingers Red in the shade of Diamond 5 and tight pitching from Molly and some great teamwork in the middle shut down the Wingers for 3 innings after they posted a few early runs. It was a tight game in the end with only 1 run separating the teams after 5 innings. The Angels managed to keep Wingers at bay taking it 6-5.

A double header for the Angels saw them back up for the 3pm against an in form Eastern Raiders team. A good start by the Angels saw them take an early lead, with Jess staring in the outfield for most of the game. The Raiders clawed back a few runs by the end of the third and saw themselves with a lead of 5 runs by the bottom of the fourth. The Angels however had other ideas, they’d clearly been hitting the batting cages as well as having had their Wheaties for breakfast as they came out late in the fourth and smashed 5 runs past the flagging outfield. A beautiful 2 base hit to left field from Megan resulted in 2RBI, as well as putting Brina on third who then took home base in a cheeky steal while the shortstop attempted the out at first. A great comeback for the Angels and they almost managed to snatch the win. Final score 7 a piece.

2014 Metro League – Round 10

Thanks to Chis for 2 of the match reports.

round 10It might be more accurate to say that Monash were up against MUSC, rather than the Raptors as the team was made up of equal parts Raptors, Dragons, and Angels. We didn’t let the lack of Raptors get in the way of a damn good win though. It would be fair to say that we did at times battle against some nice fast pitching from the young, and very talented Monash pitchers, However, aggressive base running and frequent stealing meant we managed to score nine runs despite there not being a huge amount of fire power out of the batters box. That running was backed up with some great pitching from Karen B, that had Monash swinging, but made it difficult for them to infiltrate a pretty tight in-field, and when they did, the out-field were ready to pounce. Everyone contributed either in the field or with the bat. A great team effort RapDrangels! Side Note; Call of the day goes to Alicia. You know what for….                                                                              Raptors 9 def Monash 2

In a score line that shocked spectators, the Dragons chalked up another fantastic victory against the renowned big hitters in the Melbourne Warriors. Very aggressive base running and some fantastic hits in to the outfield forced the warriors to make some very costly mistakes in the field, conceding a number of runs that all Dragons looked keen to mop up. We welcomed back our primary pitcher; Sarah, who looked dangerous from the get go. The fact that the majority of plays were made to the right hand of the diamond probably indicates just how much the warriors were struggling to deal with her pace. The in-field was tight with some amazing stops and well timed catches, and the outfield worked brilliantly together preventing the big hitters from doing any real damage. Another great win ladies; I’d like to point out some individual performances but the fact is that everyone had a large contribution to this win. Well done.                                                                                                                                                       Dragons 12 def Warriors1

The Angels found themselves up against the in form Wingers Blue for the 3pm game. Molly did well to back up on the pitching plate after several hours spent in the morning at a pitching clinic. Our batting let us down  however and except for the 2nd innings when we managed to bat through the order and put on three runs we failed to get past first base, the Wingers took advantage of a fading field and piled on 11 quick runs over two innings to shut the game out in four.                                                                                                                                                            Wingers Blue 13 def Angels 3.

2014 Metro League – Round 9

With thanks to Molly and Chis for the match reports this week, and thanks to Matt for the picture.

Sunday saw a return to form for the Dragons, against an admittedly undermanned Red Devils Team. Chelsea did a fantastic job pitching the majority of the game again, and was well backed up in the field with some great displays of team work from all involved. We had to be tight in the field and hit our targets against some very talented big hitters, and we did. The runners were always under pressure, and it started to show with some silly mistakes in their desperation to score runs. Elsie was wonderful behind the plate and involved in some vital outs. As if that wasn’t enough, she also hit the biggest smash of the match and sent two runners home. It was an easy win in the end, and a great game to be involved in. Let’s hope we can keep up the good work for the remainder of the season.  Dragons 12 def Red Devils 4

The Angels got off to a shaky start against the Warriors when no one managed to get on base in the first innings. Fortunately we didn’t let them do any damage with the bat though, and in the second innings we went through the entire line up without a single out. The damage was done, and the scene set for a convincing win. The warriors could have come back at us if it wasn’t for some great work in the field. A special mention needs to go to Billie who stopped a couple of absolute blinders at short (even if she did fumble one for so long that Chis nearly stole the ball from her hand…). Brina also showed some great skill and determination in the field which resulted in some vital outs that looked to be out of reach. Great win Angels! Keep up the good work!  Angels 11 def Warriors 4

After a first innings for the Raptors that saw them down 6 runs to the Panthers, they came clawing back with some very good hitting and managed to get within 1 run of the ladder leaders. The hitting from the Raptors was very good through the rest of the game, in fact. But, ultimately the Panthers proved to be too much for them. A few errors and a couple of base-running mishaps meant that the Raptors eventually went down 11-6, but it was a well-fought effort from everyone!