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2014 Metro League – Round 7

It was a rough Sunday in the park for all concerned. Players and spectators alike struggled with the bitterly cold wind that bore down on us and gave some indication of what was ahead in the weather for the coming week.

DSC_0110On  the diamond most of the teams never managed to get out of first gear, and saw some big run tallies scored against them. Only the Angels pulled a win out of the day with a good defensive performance against a usually solid hitting Monash team. The Angels kept them to 3 while getting 14 of their own over home plate.

The rest of the scores were not so flattering with the Dragons losing both their games, the first 16 -6 to Wingers Red, the second 15-0 to Panthers. I hear Chelsea did a great job on the plate, outstanding effort from our youngest member to take on the pressure of pitching to some very heavy hitting teams.  The Raptors also lost their game of the day 16-6 to Wingers Blue.


2014 Metro League – Round 6

Three games this round saw some close games and some not to so close. Your correspondent barely manages to be at one game let alone three, so we some welcome input from Jayne who scored the game between the Dragons & Raptors

10463070_686172244783942_3238931189823567578_nFirst game for the Angels saw them take on Wingers Red in a game that was dominated by tight pitching and even tighter fielding. Danika ruled the infield and was invovled in four outs, while Molly ensured the Wingers couldn’t get their bats swinging with three K2’s. Jess continued her welcome streak of not getting hit in the batters box and started us off nicely in the first. We plodded along until the fourth where we put on a 6 run inning that finally put the game out of the reach of the Wingers. Final score Angels 10 def Wingers Red 0


ChelseaThe Dragons and the Raptors slugged it out in the other 1pm game that ended up being a very close affair. Chelsea took over pitching duties while regular pitcher Sarah was home in New Zealand for the week and from all accounts did a fantastic job. Solid first two innings by the Dragons to give themselves 8 runs set the scene, but the Raptors picked themselves, and their game up in the third, putting on several runs while keeping the Dragon bats quiet. Solid pitching from Jell saw the Raptors come home with wind in their sails but unfortunately they fell one run short and lost 8-7.


The Angels played their second game of the day against Eastern Raiders where our outfield was kept busy with their strong bats. Raiders scored all of their runs in the first two innings and despite a good start from the Angels, which included six K2’s from the pitching plate we couldn’t maintain the momentum and eventually lost out 9-4.



2014 Metro League – Round 5

UntitgledFirst game of the day saw the Raptors take on Eastern Raiders. The Raiders started strongly with the bat before the Raptors managed to claw their way back into the game in the second innings with a 5 run stint. Alicia’s three base hit past centre field putting three runners over home plate. Unfortunately we failed to capitalise on the good start and struggled for runs for the remainder of the game. Plenty of room for improvement as the team will start to jell (see what I did there?!) together a bit more and there are plenty of runs to be had from the lineup. Raiders 10- Raptors 5

Second game of the day was also the first intraclub grudge match. Angels took on the Dragons in slippery conditions that saw the Dragons get off to a booming first innings, getting through the entire batting order and getting themselves 5 runs in the process. In comparison the Angels struggled with the bat, popping the ball up for easy outs in the infield or finding the fielders. Molly also clearly had it in for the number two batter, both Elsie and Celine batted two and managed to get hit in each innings. Final score was Dragons 10-Angels 5.

Cheers to our ball driers – they know who they are, across both games they managed to keep the seams dry and made the wet conditions just that little bit easier for those on the pitching plate.

No games on the 8th. Something about the Queen’s Birthday, but we all know the real reason is because it’s Danielle’s birthday, so we’ll see you all back in the park on the 15th.




2014 Metro League – Round 4

Molly MustacheMore fun in the sun this week at Fawkner Park as all three teams road tested their new squads and started to iron out the kinks.

First cab off the ranks was the new Raptors taking on Monash. They started slowly and Monash got a 5 run lead after the first but slowly ground back the lead with the second half of the batting order getting round the diamond. Third innings saw some excellent batting and we put on 7 runs to take the lead comfortably. Monash staged a late comeback but solid pitching from both Jodie and Karen saw us safely take the game out 12-8.

The Dragons took on the Warriors in what seemed to be (judging from the scorebook) seemed to be a pretty tight game with only one run a piece scored by the bottom of the fourth. Maybe Hugh slipped some of the product of his day job into their water bottles, one will never know, but they came out in the 5th and 6th and put on a further 9 runs to eventually take the game easily 10-1.

The newly minted Angels struggled against the fast pitcher,solid infield and strong batting line up of the Wingers Blue team and never managed to truly hit their straps but showed some promise late in the game managing to get batter on base and 3 runs past the home plate. Highlights include Jess not getting hit in the batters box, Jess running an unassisted double and almost managing a triple play and a cracking three base hit by Amanda that hugged the foul ball line like it was a snuggly teddy bear. Next week will see the return of a few injured players for the Angels and that should make a difference to their lineup. They eventually lost out 3-9.

2014 Metro League – Round 3

IMG_20140519_144753Another Sunday, another sunny day.

Melbourne is really turning it on at the moment with the weather. Let’s hope it lasts well into June. Did I just jinx things? I did didn’t I?


First game of the day saw the Dragons take on Red Devils. Never an easy task with the Devils boasting several junior state development players and big hitters who managed to find the holes just over the infield. A couple of great catches at 2nd base by Brina was a highlight as well as the chatter on the diamond. The girls are getting more confident in themselves and their team mates and the encouragement they offer each other is a delight to see. Unfortunately the Red Devils were too strong for our girls and they went down 15-0.

Didn’t manage to catch the Raptors game, but from all accounts they struggled against a dominant Panthers team, who it must be said, even when they are having bad day are a team that are hard to beat. Emily started off pitching her first game of the season and did well considering a knee injury has hampered her time at the plate so far this year. The Raptors eventually lost out 14-0

Last game of the day saw the Angels take on Melbourne Warriors. The Warriors may be not be as sprightly around the diamond as some of our younger Angels but you can never discount them. They bat strong and are just as good defensively. Plenty of hits to get on base for the but we struggled to convert those hits to runs It took the Angels 6 innings to finally ground out the game with a 7-0 scoreline.




2014 Metro League – Round 2

10300672_10152015681472735_5932577823620177755_nGlorious day in the park, the sun was shining and the clouds and the rain stayed away for what turned out to be a day of mixed fortunes for MUSC.

The Angels got on the winners board with a convincing 10-1 victory over Red Devils. Consistent batting, good fielding and some extremely tight pitching saw the Devils struggle to get runs on the board. Their inconsistency from the pitching plate enabled the Angels to score steady runs with both ends of the batting line up playing its part.

Jess managed to make it through a game without getting hit by the pitcher or her own team mates, unfortunately the same could not be said for some of the other Angels. There will be a few ice packs on bruises this evening.

The Raptors couldn’t follow up their strong start to the season with another win and found themselves going down to Wingers Red 12 – 1. Our junior Chelsea started off the pitching and did well until the more experienced Wingers bats found their rhythm and started to score more easily.

The scoreline was once again unflattering to the Dragons, but to their credit they never dropped their heads and continued to make some great plays. They held Monash scoreless for the first few innings but couldn’t capitalise and struggled to get any runs on the boards. The final score of Monash 22 – Dragons 0 belies the improvements the girls have made even in just one week. They’ll continue to get better and gain more confidence in their game play.

 Photo courtesy of Erina Imai©