MUSC Committee

These are the committee positions that are available for nomination and their respective roles and responsibilities. Please read the description and then go here:

Executive Positions


  • Manage committee
  • Communicate and maintain good relationships with MU Sport
  • Represent MUSC
  • Facilitate club activities
  • Ensure budgeting and planning carried out in accordance with members’ interests
  • Maintain vision
  • Big picture thinking – who is doing what
  • Make decision if committee comes to a standstill
  • Address player enquiries and lead other recruitment activities
  • Facilitate Australian University Games (Unigames) team

**Preference for an MU student to fill this role


  • Be present when President away and fulfill relevant duties
  • Should be included in all communications undertaken by the President
  • Support committee with executing tasks as required
  • Arrange and manage sponsorships for club (too coordinate with Social Coordinator)

**The intent of this role is to prepare to be President in future years


  • Committee meetings (scheduling, agenda, minutes)
  • Central point for club communications including in-person and online
  • Maintain club documentation (policies / reports / club handbook)
  • Address player enquiries
  • Maintain register of members

Treasurers (2 positions)

  • Provide advice to the Committee in their management of the Club finances
  • Administer all financial affairs of the Club
  • Lead the annual budget process and ensure an appropriate annual budget is provided to the Committee for approval
  • Ensure development and Committee review of financial policies and procedures
  • Support any required auditing processes
  • Receipt of all incoming monies and bank accordingly; arrange and dispatch invoices as required
  • Pay all accounts and maintain accurate records of all income and expenditure
  • Ensure that all receipts and payments concur with bank deposits and withdrawals
  • Financial reports – present at regular committee meetings and prepare an annual report
  • Manage player registration payments and records of payments
  • Be a signatory on club bank account

Non-Executive Positions

Head Coach

  • Coordinate coaches
    • Manage all team coaches, ensure training and game attendance or arrange coach replacements
    • Liaise with coaches regarding player feedback
    • Set up Batting training schedule (any changes to be managed by individual coaches)
  • Coaching role (as required) – training and match day
  • Team allocations: sort players into appropriately graded teams in conjunction with individual team coaches
  • Develop new coaches

Club Manager

  • Manage equipment and uniforms
    • Ensure appropriate equipment/uniforms available for training sessions, tournaments, and games (coaches to advise requirements for individual training plans)
    • Raise any equipment/uniforms purchasing requirements with the committee
  • Player movement requests
    • Ensure coaches have put in necessary requests for player movements between teams
  • Teamer Notifications
    • Generate Teamer invites for all players (team coaches to follow up players)
  •  Attend MSA Management Meetings (or find a replacement) and relay information back to committee
  • Organise weekly line umpires

Social Coordinator

  • Plan social events for club:
    • Keep calendar of events
    • Lead organization of key events (forming sub-committees as required):
      • Mid-season and end of season trip
        • Includes plan and purchase of food, car pool arrangements
      • Fundraising events (including Trivia night)
      • Inter-club events
      • Presentation night
  • Support media and marketing coordinator with fundraising activities

Media and Marketing Coordinator

  • Promote the club in a professional and appropriate manner
  • Manage all club social media communication
  • Manage club marketing and fundraising activities
  • Ensure website kept up to date

If you have a suggestion for a committee position, please let us know at our Annual General Meeting!

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