MUSC Inclusion Statement

To coincide with Transgender Day of Visibility 2020, MUSC launched our official Inclusion Statement to formalise our pledge to provide a safe and welcoming place for all softballers.
We welcome you to read the full statement below – but a few points we would like to highlight are:
  • MUSC enthusiastically welcomes members who fall under the trans genderqueer/non-binary umbrella to participate at the club
  • MUSC upholds a zero tolerance approach towards discriminatory behaviour based on sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status in line with the Melbourne University LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Policy
  • MUSC training facilities are inclusive of all genders and player jerseys are able to be made in alternate styles to cater to all
Above all, we want all of our members to feel safe and supported throughout their time at the club.
Hannah Gray (She/Her)
Pride and Diversity Representative